Fógraí / Newsletter April 2013

Bliain an Chreidimh
Cúigiú Domh. Den Cháisc – 28ú Aibreáin 2013
Pray for Mary Flaherty, Drumcondra, Dublin and late of Baile Breac; Dan Galvin, Duagh and Main Street; Sr. Lelia Kavanagh, Presentation Convent, Maynooth and late of Ballinleague; Mary Bowler, (nee Sullivan), Lincoln, England and late of Emilea, Baile na Feirtéaraigh; John Gage, Chicago. Solas síoraí dá n-anamacha.
Priest on Call for the Corca Dhuibhne Pastoral Area is: Fr. Tomás Ó Luanaigh – 066-9151208.
Sat/Sath 27ú 8.00pm Jim O’Sullivan, Flemingstown, CB.
Sun 28ú 11.30am Missa Pro Populo.
Mon 29ú 4.00pm Coláiste Íde.
Máirt 30ú 10.00am Michael and Monica Griffin and John Griffin, Monaree, CB.
Wed 1ú 10.00am St. Joseph the Worker – No 7:30pm Mass.
Déard 2ú 7.30pm No 10am Mass – Neighbourhood Station Mass for Carn Ard, Ashmount Tce, Fearann Redmond and Barr na Coille 7.30pm in Dingle Oceanworld.
Fri 3úMulti-Intentional 10.00am
7.30pm (1) David O’Connell, Barr na Coille, CB.(2) Peter Divane, Hartford, CT, USA and John Andnerson, Norway, MM.
Sat/Sath 4ú 8.00pm Mikey O’Donoghue, Baile na Buaile, CB.
Domh 5ú 11.30am Missa Pro Populo.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Dingle Hospital Oratory: Monday 10.30am – 11.30am.
St Mary’s: Tues and Wed 10.30am – 10pm.
Thurs 10.30 – 11.30am except when it is a First Friday,
it will be on that Friday. “Come and See” says the Lord.
Confessions: Sat. 10.30am – 11.00am & after Vigil Masses.
Domh/Sun 28ú 10.00am Jack Evans, Minard East, CB andMaura O’Sullivan, Glen Minard, 1ú CB.
Domh/Sun 5ú 10.00am Bridie O’Sullivan, Reenbee, CB.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Déardaoin / Thursday 11 am – 12 noon
Satharn 27ú 6.15i.n. Johnny Fenton, RIP late of Cillirith who died in London recently and his parents Maurice and Nora.
Satharn 4ú 6.15i.n. Catriona Norveil, Rathanane, 1ú CB.
Adhradh na Naomh Shacraiminte
Déardaoin / Thursday 11 r.n. – 12i.n.
An Deireadh Seachtaine seo chugainn:
(4ú/5ú Bealtaine 2013)
DINGLE: Euch. Ministers’ Team 2: Vigil Gene Courtney, Veronica Houlihan, Ann Scanlon, Patricia Flannery, Margaret Sheehy and Eileen Courtney. 11:30am Máire Uí Chonchúir, Tracey Sheehy, Ann Begley and Nora Curran. Collectors’ Team 2; Church Cleaners’ Team 2. Readers: Vigil: Marian O’Sullivan. 11.30a.m.: Liz Higgins. LIOS PÓIL: Ministéirí Eoc.: Mary Devane and Máiréad Uí Ghairbhí. Léitheoir: Risteard Mac Eoin. FIONN TRÁ: Ministéir Eoc.: Eibhlín Uí Lúing. Léitheoir: Eibhlín Uí Lúing.
First Friday Calls: Fr. Tomás will make his Communion calls in the Dingle area as normal next weekend, while Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist will visit the homes in Ceann Trá and Lios Póil.
Corpus Christi 2013 / Neighbourhood Station Masses
In preparation for our annual Corpus Christi procession on June 2nd 2013 you are invited to the Neighbourhood Station Mass for the residents of Carn Ard, Ashmount Terrace, Fearann Redmond and Barr na Coille on this Thursday May 2nd at 7.30pm in Dingle Oceanworld. Consequently, there will be no Mass on these Thursdays in St. Mary’s Church, as these Masses are open to all parishioners in preparation for Corpus Christi Sunday June 2nd.
A visiting US Parish Choir will join us in this year’s Corpus Christi Procession through the town.
Dingle Women’s Mini Marathon – Saturday 18th May 2013. All profits from the event will go to the National Breast Cancer Research and Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne for the development of a playing pitch/running track. Contact: 066-9151000 or eolas@dingleminimarathon.com
Scoil Eoin Baiste: Coiste na dTuismitheoirí are having a Used Clothes Collection on Thursday 2nd May and would appreciate your support. Bags can be dropped at the hall Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-9.30am and 1.45-2.15pm. Thursday morning 9-9.30am. Used clothes, shoes, bags, soft toys and household textiles are accepted.
Scoil Iognáid Rís (CBS) are collecting bags of unwanted clean clothes, soft toys, towels, shoes, handbags or any unwanted mobile phones which can be dropped to the school before May 7th. All proceeds will go to Hope Guatamala and Cuan counselling.
Clárúchán Bunscoileanna 2013 – 2014
Scoil Naomh Eoin Baiste, Lios Póil
Is féidir clárú do Scoil Naomh Eoin Baiste faoi láthair. Foirm Clárúcháin agus breis eolais ar fáil ón scoil, 066-9157408 nó scoileoinbaiste.ias@eircom.net
Children may now be enrolled for Scoil Naomh Eoin Baiste. For Registration Forms and info. contact scoileoinbaiste.ias@eircom.net or 066-915 7408.
Bunscoil an Chlochair
Tá clárú do scoil bliain 2013/2014 oscailte do Bunscoil an Chlochair go dtí an 3ú Bealtaine 2013. Tá breis eolas ar fáil ó 066-9151154. Enrolment is invited for Bunscoil an Chlochair for the school year 2013/2014. Apply to the Príomhoide on 066-9151154 by May 3rd.
Scoil Cheann Trá
Tá clárú 2013/2014 do Bunscoil Cheann Trá oscailte go dtí an Bealtaine 31ú 2013. Tá breis eolas ar fáil ó bPríomhoide ar 066-9159868. Enrolment is now open for Bunscoil Cheann Trá for the school year 2013/2014. Apply to the Príomhoide on 066-9159868 by May 31st.
Scoil an Ghleanna
Is féidir clarú faoi láthair do Scoil an Ghleanna (Scoil Ghaeltacht agus Scoil Chaitliceach faoi Phatrúnacht Easpag Chiarraí). Foirm Clárúcháin agus breis eolas le fáil ón bPríomhoide. Enrolment is now open for Scoil an Ghleanna. Enrolment forms available from the School Principal 066-9152766 nó gleann@eircom.net
Scoil Chill Mhic an Domhnaigh
Is féidir clárú do Scoil Caitlín Naof, Chill Mhic an Domhnaigh faoi láthair. Foirm Clárúcháin agus breis eolais ar fáil ón scoil ar 066-9159816. Children may now be enrolled for Scoil Naomh Eoin Baiste. Registration Forms and additional information available from the school on 066-9159816.

Bliain an Chreidimh – Our Patron Saints
Laochra an Chreidimh No.38.
St. Ignatius of Loyola was born on the 23rd of October. St. Ignatius was one of twelve siblings. He is the patron saint of soldiers, the Society of Jesus, the Basque Country and the provinces of Guipúzcoa and Biscay.
St. Ignatius was injured in the battle of Pamplona, while recovering he read some books to keep himself occupied. He would have liked to read about Knights but they didn’t have any books available so he read about Jesus. He was amazed by these books. He began to imitate saints he had read about in their prayers and he helped by doing work as they had done.
When he got better he gave up his life of fighting and he went to help the poor. He travelled all over Europe to do this. He went to the University of Paris to study Latin grammar so he could start his great work of starting the Society of Jesus. He went to help people pray to God but he was put in jail. At the age of 43 he graduated and became a priest and started in the Society of Jesus. In 1540 he was recognised by the Pope. Before he died there were 1,000 members of this Order. Today there are 30,000 members o the Order. Pope Pius XI declared Ignatius as a saint in the year 1922. St. Ignatius feast day is celebrated on the 31st of July.
I picked St. Ignatius as my Confirmation name because my granddad’s name is Ignatius and there has been an Ignatius in most generations of my family. My Granddad has been very nice to me and has always shown great interest in everything I did. Also, my school’s name is Scoil Iognáid Rís. Edmund Rice was named after St. Ignatius. We learned a lot about Edmund Rice at school and the work he did throughout his life. He was inspired all through his life by St. Ignatius. (Colin – Scoil Iognáid Rís.)
Céad Chomaoine – 2013
N. Muire, Dingle 11:30am – Sunday May 12th.
N. Eoin Baiste, Lios Póil 10.00am – Sunday May 19th.
N. Caitlín, Fionn Trá 10.00r.n. – Domh Bealtaine 26ú.
NB: Please note that Mass in Séipéal Naomh Eoin Baiste, Lios Póil on the weekend of May 25th/26th will be at 6:15pm on Saturday May 25th.
Kerry Diocesan Liturgy Guidelines state that all photography and videoing is prohibited during First Communion ceremonies.
Corpus Christi Procession
Sunday June 2nd 11.30am through the town with Benediction in Dingle Town Park.
Scoil Cheann Trá – Ceiliúradh 100 Bliain 2013
Beidh Scoil Cheann Trá ag ceiliúradh an chéid i mbliana. Ba mhaith leis an scoil, mar chuid don cheiliúradh, aon seana phictiúirí de shaol na scoile a bheadh i measc an phobail a bhailiú do Thaispeántas Grianghrafanna. Is féidir iad a chuir isteach go dtí an scoil idir seo agus Mí an Mheithimh. Beimid cáiréiseach leo agus tabharfar ar ais iad. Le mór buíochas.
Scoil Cheann Trá which celebrates its 100 anniversary in 2013, would be most grateful for the loan of any old photographs taken in the school in the past 100 years. Please drop them into the school during June.
Course in Pastoral Ministry 2013-2014
The Diocese has decided to run the Pastoral Ministry Course again, beginning on September 30th. It will be held over 20 nights, 10 during Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014. If you are interested, please contact the Parish office on 066-9151208 for details or check the Diocesan website. www.dioceseofkerry.ie
An Díseart – Léacht ag Pádraig Ó Héalaí ar an Creideamh na Muintire – Léargas an Bhéaloidis, Luan, 29 Aibreán, 8 i.n.
Aifreann – St. Joseph the Worker
Dé Céadaoin 1ú Bhealtaine 10.00am.
Dingle Parish Pastoral Council and Liturgy Group mark Féile na Bealtaine with a special liturgy honouring St. Joseph the Worker. This May day we highlight and celebrate all human labour with particular emphasis this year on the trades and crafts of Gardeners, Bakers, Milliners, Blacksmiths, Cobblers and Tailors exhibiting their trades and tools. Our procession at the beginning of Mass includes the examples of local work, such as the creative work of Camphill Community and a blas of the recently launched Imram tapestry created in Lesotho in conjunction with the Transition Year students of Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne. Pupils of both S.N. Naomh Iosaf An Chlochar and S.N. Iognáid Rís CBS will participate. Ráth Dé ar an obair.
Bealtaine na Maighdine
Bláthanna Bealtaine chugat a Bhanríon
Réalt na bhFlaitheas tú is fonn linn.
Séirse ceoil ó lúib na coille grástaí uait
Teacht ‘na dtuile fuiseog foinn bhinn
Binneas cuaiche laetha gréine
Síolta is luaithe scéimh na ngrást
Ar ghleann ‘s ar chluainín
Nuair dhamhsann ann an t-uainín
Dathanna molta Muire Máthar
Dhein an nádúir duit soláthar.
(Fothair na Manach: Caoimhín Ó Cinnéide. Coiscéim)
Offertory Collection
Weekly Env.: €1,076; Cash: €783; Total: €1,859. Míle buíochas. Diocesan Collection for Education of Priests will be taken up as a second collection after Communion next weekend May 4th/5th.
St Brendan’s Intl. Conference, 16th-18th May
Thursday May 16th – Concelebrated Open Air Mass at 8.00pm in Ardfert Cathedral for the Feast of St. Brendan. Principal Concelebrant: An t-Easpag Liam Ó Murchú. Bus from our Pastoral Area being organised, contact Parish Office 066-9151208. Full programme in Church Porch.
Trócaire Boxes and Easter Dues Envelopes
You are asked to return your Trócaire Boxes and Easter Dues as soon as possible please.
Buíochas ó chroí for your great generosity.
Amount received for Trócaire to date: €4,518.
Go méadaí Dia bhur stór.
Priest: Lord Jesus, you are the source and lover of life. Reawaken in us respect for your creation gift of
1. For Pope Francis, Bishop Liam and for all those in our Parish whom you call to serve you through the vocations of priesthood and religious life. Lord, hear us.
2. Help us to see in each child the marvellous work of our Creator. Open our hearts to welcome every child as a unique and wonderful gift
3. Guide the work of doctors, nurses and midwives. May the life of a mother and her baby in the womb be equally cherished and respected.
4. Help those who make our laws to uphold the uniqueness and sacredness of every human life, from the first moment of conception to natural death.
5. We ask the Lord of the Harvest to give us favourable weather for all our farmers.
Kerry Camino Dingle Way Walk
A three day walk of the Dingle Way to promote the Kerry Camino initiative takes place on May 4th – 6th: Fri May 3rd, reg. Grand Hotel, Tralee 7pm – 9pm. Transport can be arranged. Camino Pack including Passport etc €20. Sat. May 4th, Tralee to Camp; Sun. May 5th, Camp to Annascaul; Mon May 6th, Annascaul to Dingle, with certificates to be issued at St. James Church, Dingle.

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