Getting Married in Dingle, Lispole or Fionn Trá

Weddings in our Parish are celebrated in any of the three Parish Churches – St Mary’s in Dingle, Naomh Eoin Baiste in Lios Póil and Naomh Caitlín in Fionn Trá.  In Fionn Trá the liturgy is celebrated in Irish, whilst in Dingle or Lios Póil weddings are conducted in English or Irish.

Congratulations to you on your engagement! We hope that the following information will be helpful to you in preparations for your wedding in our Parish.

To Do:

  • Contact the local clergy where you reside permanently as brides who are not resident in Dingle Parish must obtain the permission of their local clergy before booking.
  • Book the church where you wish to marry. (Contact our Parish Office to arrange this.)
  • Book the priest who has agreed to marry you. Check that he is officially registered as a Solemniser by the Irish State, if not our Parish Office will advise and help you on the required procedure.
  • Each person must complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form with the priest of the Parish where he/she resides and for which the following are required:-
  1. A long form Baptismal Certificate issued within six months of the proposed date of the marriage;
  2. Proof of Confirmation, (if not recorded on the Baptismal Certificate);
  3. Proof of Freedom to Marry, either of the following:
    • Letter of Freedom from parishes where he/she has lived for 6 months or more;
    • Swear an affidavit before a Commissioner of Oaths stating he/she has never been married religiously or civilly in any jurisdiction.
    • If previously married or non-catholic, permissions and dispensations need to be applied for through your own clergy
  • Attend an Approved Pre-Marriage Preparation Course only (best completed 6 months before your wedding). Accord, St. John’s Parish Centre, Castle Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry; 066-7120194; 7122280; Accord, John Paul II Pastoral Centre, Killarney, Co. Kerry; 064-6632644; or website:

Please Contact our Parish Office for further information.

Please note:

  1. In the case of couples residing overseas, all documentation is processed via their own Roman Catholic Bishop to the Bishop of Kerry, c/o Diocesan Office, Cathedral Walk, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Contact information 064-6631168 or e-mail:
  2. The couple must arrange to meet in person a civil registrar in Ireland at least 3 full months before the wedding and advise the registrar where the marriage will be taking place, when and the name of the priest officiating

N.B.: Where applicable the completed pre-nuptial forms are to be forwarded by your priest at least one month before your wedding to our Parish Office.

Civil (State) Requirements

Marriage Registration Form (MRF)

  1. The registrar will issue the couple with the Marriage Registration Form (MRF) which they must bring two days before the wedding to Dingle Parish office.
  2. The verbal ‘declaration of no civil impediment’ is made not more than 2 days before the wedding in the presence of the solemniser and the two witnesses. (It is recommended practice in the Kerry Diocese that this declaration be made at the beginning of the wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom arrive at the sanctuary.)
  3. This will have to be signed by the Priest, the couple and the witnesses after the marriage has taken place.
  4. The couple must return the signed Registration Form (MRF) to any civil registrar in Ireland not later than 1 month after their wedding.

For very good pastoral reasons couples from outside our Parish are invited to supply where possible,  their own priest who is offered hospitality and accommodation in Teach na Sagart, Dingle.


A non-refundable offering of €275 is payable to Dingle Parish when booking your wedding. This includes a fee for the Sacristan, who will assist you at your wedding ceremony. There is always special consideration for unwaged couples.

NB: This fee does not include the offering/stipend to the priest for celebrating your wedding Mass.

Practical Tips

The ceremony is prepared with the priest who will celebrate the wedding and conduct the rehearsal arranged in conjunction with the Parish Office. Complimentary copy of “The Celebration of Marriage” is given when you make your booking.