Raidió na Gaeltachta Mass Cutbacks

Extract from Dingle Parish Newsletter 31 January 2010 (Including Letter to Public Representatives)

Raidió na Gaeltachta Masses

The following letter has been sent to local and national politicians as well as Raidió na Gaeltachta officials, highlighting our concern at the decision to cut back on Sunday Masses. We invite concerned parishioners to lobby their elected representatives in order to restore the weekly Mass on RnaG.

We recognise the great work done by RnaG in broadcasting Sunday Mass and pray that the resources and political will might be found to continue this invaluable service.

A Chara,

Dingle Parish Pastoral Council, representing the communities of Dingle, Ceann Trá and Lios Póil, strongly object to the sudden change of Raidió na Gaeltachta schedule which was brought to our attention by concerned parishioners at our meeting on Friday 15th January. We enclose a copy of same where you will note that the traditional weekly Sunday Mass is to be reduced to one Sunday in four. Our meeting highlighted the great upset this will cause to housebound sick in the Gaeltacht and beyond, to our working fishermen and to many people right across this country, North and South, and beyond our shores. As we have been privileged in this parish to cooperate with Raidió na Gaeltachta in producing and broadcasting Sunday Masses we are acutely aware of the huge contribution this service makes to the lives of many Christian people and particularly the housebound sick.
We are calling on you to make immediate representations on behalf of that constituency to re-establish and retain what has been a valued broadcasting service. We know that what it costs is quite small and many of our parishioners who pay their licence fees have every right to demand that this be retained. Our Parish Pastoral Council look forward to hearing from you about your actions in this matter and would further welcome organizing a delegation to meet you or appropriate Government Ministers or officials whom you would recommend to us.

Extract from Dingle Parish Newsletter 7 February 2010

Bring Back Raidió na Gaeltachta Masses

All Parishioners and concerned Community organisations and committees are earnestly urged to raise their voices in requesting the return of a much valued practice and weekly Broadcasting Service now abruptly ended. In mid-January Raidió na Gaeltachta dropped this bombshell of cutting back live broadcast of Sunday Mass to once monthly. This adversely affects many of our housebound sick right across the country together with our working fishermen and many Irish exiles. We acknowledge the support of journalists Ted Creedon, Anne Lucey and Donal Hickey in their recent “Kerryman”, “Irish Times” and “Irish Examiner” reports.
We continue to seek the return of the Aifreann Dé gach Domhnach and hail the great work of all our Raidió na Gaeltachta staff down the years. Therefore, please show your support for this service and those who have been faithfully providing it. Our own readers, choirs, musicians and clergy deem it a wonderful privilege and honour to co-operate in bringing Holy Mass to all Raidió na Gaeltachta listeners at home and abroad.

Letter from Durban, South Africa:
Dear Editor,
“Due to ill-health I have been listening to Aifreann an Domhnaigh on Raidió na Gaeltachta. Unfortunately, it is no longer available…….” Brian P. Ó Cinnéide, “Irish Independent” 2nd Feb.

Please write, text, phone and lobby the relevant authorities, remember the sean-fhocal, “Ní luach go hAifreann d’éisteacht” “More precious than anything is hearing Mass”.

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  1. Rev. Msgr. Patrick Brankin

    Listening to Aifreann an Domhnaigh is an easy way to strengthen the Gaelteacht. As a gaelgeoir who rarely has the chance to hear Irish, I would give anything to be able to listen to the Mass in Gaelic and pray with our people in our own tongue.

    Go maire thú!


    an tAthair Páraic Ó Bráincin
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

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