Fógraí / Newsletter 23rd December 2012

Bliain an Chreidimh
An Ceathrú Domh den Aidbhint – 23ú Nollaig
Pray for Pádraig Manning, Cillirith agus Baile Áth Cliath; Mary Benson, Adare, Co. Limerick.
Solas síoraí dá h-anamacha.
Priest on Call for the Corca Dhuibhne Pastoral Area is: Fr. Tomás Ó Luanaigh – 066-9151208.
Sat/Sath 22ú 8.00pm Deceased members of the O’Connor Family, Baile na Buaile, CB.
Sun 23ú 11.30am Mary O’Donoghue, Baile na Buaile, CB.
Luain 24ú 7:30pm Christmas Eve – Family Mass.
10.00pm Christmas Eve – Missa Pro Populo for the Community.
Máirt 25ú 11.30am Christmas Eve – Family Mass.
Wed 26ú 7.30pm Deceased members of the Dillon and O’Connor families, CB.
Déard 27ú 10.00am Denis Kelliher, Emilough, MM.
11.00am West Kerry Community Hospital Mass.
Fri/Aoine 28úMulti-Intentions 7.30pm (1) John T. Griffin, Ballinasteenig, CB.(2) Eibhlín agus Maidhc Ó Móráin, Baile an Riabhach, CB.(3) Kathleen and Mary Teresa Brick, Cahernaphuca, CB.(4) Gerard O’Connor, Cahernaphuca, CB.(5) Margaret and James Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy, Banogue, CB.(6) Deceased members of the Lee and Collins Families, Garfiney, CB.(7) James and Johanna Moriarty, CB.(8) Nora agus Pádraig de Bhailis, Báile Móir, CB.
Sat/Sath 29ú 8.00pm Eileen and John Long, CB.
Domh 30ú 11.30am Mary, Joe, Séamus and Seán Cloherty, CB.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Dingle Hospital Oratory: Monday 10.30am – 11.30am.
Confessions: Sat. 10.30am – 11.00am & after Vigil Masses.
Sun/Domh 23ú 10.00am Deceased members of the Ferriter Family, Baile na Saor and Mike Connor, CB.
Luain/Mon 24ú 8.00pm Christmas Eve – M.P.P. for the Community.
Máirt/Tues 25ú 10.00am Christmas Day – MPP for the Community.
Sun/Domh 30ú 10.00am Nellie and Thomas Evans, Minard E, CB
Satharn 22ú 6.15i.n. Missa Pro Populo ar son Pobal Dé.
Dé Luain 24ú 6.15i.n. Oíche Nollag – MPP Intinn an Phobail.
Dé Máirt 25ú 10.30rn Lá Nollag – MPP Intinn an Phobail.
Satharn 29ú 6.15i.n Jack Ó Conchúir, Maum na Gaoithe, CB.
Adhradh na Naomh Shacraiminte
Déardaoin / Thursday 11 am – 12 noon
Mission Crib Collections
Dingle Parish Pastoral Council have decided that this year the Crib offerings from Naomh Muire, Naomh Caitlín agus Naomh Eoin Baiste will be given to Holy Rosary Sister Áine Garvey’s former Mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Irish Christian Brothers’ Edmund Rice “Beyond 250 Appeal”. Bígí fial.
The Parish Priest and all our parishioners are most grateful to all individuals and groups who have helped during the year: – Sacristans, Organists, the Choirs, the Servers, the Cleaners, flower and altar arrangers, crib makers and helpers, the Ministers of the Word and of the Eucharist, collectors, counters, those who distribute the envelopes to your homes; also our housekeeper and secretary. We wish to thank all teachers in the Parish and all the voluntary groups who do so much for the community – The St. Vincent de Paul Society, Legion of Mary, the Pioneers, the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Committee, the Liturgy groups, the Temperance Hall Committee.
Ráth Dé oraibh araon.
24ú/25ú Nollaig
DINGLE: Euch. Ministers’ Team 3; Collectors’ Team 3; Church Cleaners’ Team 3.
Readers: Vigil 7:30pm: Sr. de Sales. 10:00pm: Noel O’Neill. 11.30a.m.: Paddy Browne.
LIOS PÓIL: Oíche Nollag: Ministéirí Eoc.: Máire Uí Ghrifín agus Eric Mitchell. Léitheoir: Donnacha Ó Súilleabháin agus Máire Uí Ghrifín.
Lá Nollag: Ministéirí Eoc.: Máire Uí Shé agus Teresa Uí Chearbhaill. Léitheoir: Pádraig Ó Conchúir.
FIONN TRÁ: Oíche Nollag: Ministéir Eoc.: Breandán Ó Ciobháin. Léitheoir: Breandán Ó Ciobháín.
Lá Nollag: Ministéir Eoc.: Brenda Ní Shúilleabháin. Léitheoir: Brenda Ní Shúilleabháin.
An Deireadh Seachtaine seo chugainn:
(29ú/30ú Nollaig)
DINGLE: Euch. Ministers’ Team 4; Collectors’ Team 4; Church Cleaners’ Team 4. Readers: Vigil: Bernie Budhlaeir. 11.30a.m.: Margaret Sheehy.
LIOS PÓIL: Ministéirí Eoc.: Mary Devane agus Máiréad Uí Gháirbhí. Léitheoir: Cathy Ní Ghrifín.
FIONN TRÁ: Ministéir Eoc.: Caitlín Uí Mhurchú. Léitheoir: Dónal Ó Ciobháin.
Offertory Collection
Weekly Env.: €1,240; Cash: €669; Total: €1,909.
Míle buíochas.
Cake Sale – Coiste na dTuismitheoirí Scoil Eoin Baiste will hold a Cake Sale in Keane’s Shop after 10am Mass on Sunday December 23rd to raise funds for the School.
Samaritans – Annual Church gate collection will be taken up on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Restoration Fund, Scoil na Minárde – a Table Quiz will take place at O’Sullivan’s Bar, Garrynadur on Friday Dec. 28th at 8.30pm. Raffle Draw for €800 in prize money, will also take place. Fáilte romhat agus bain taithneamh as an oíche.
Progressive 31 Card Drive – in aid of Coiste na nÓg, Lios Póil will be held in O’Sullivan’s, Garrynadur on Sunday December 30th at 6:00pm. Fáilte roimh cách.
Home Alone This Christmas? Senior Help Line is a national confidential telephone listening service for older people. We are open over Christmas, 10 am – 10pm, (closed Christmas evening from 7-10pm). All calls are treated as strictly confidential. We are here to listen. LoCall 1850 440 444 for the price of a local call anywhere in Ireland.
St Brendan’s College Development Fund Charity Cycle will be held on Wednesday 26th December 2012 (St Stephen’s Day). All cyclists over 16 years of age are very welcome. For info contact 064 66361021.
Teen Spirit will be part of the programme ‘Carols from the Castle’ which is on RTE 1 on Christmas Eve at 6.15pm and Christmas Day on Network Two at 6pm.
Fáilte to Our Christmas Liturgies
MASSES will be celebrated for Christmas:
Naomh Caitlín – 6:15i.n. Oíche Nollag
10:30am Lá Nollag
Naomh Eoin Baiste – 8:00pm Christmas Eve
10:00am Christmas Day.
Naomh Muire – 7:30pm Christmas Eve Family Mass when we invite all the young children to bring along the Infant Jesus figure from your family crib for a special blessing.
10:00pm Christmas Eve.
NB: Choir will perform Christmas Carols in St. Mary’s Church from 9:40pm on Christmas Eve.
11:30am Christmas Day.
Laochra an Chreidimh No.11
St. Nicholas – Santa Claus (c. 350A.D)
The feast of St. Nicholas has been celebrated on December 25th since about the 5th century. Little is known of his life, except that he was bishop of Myra (in modern-day Turkey) and lived in the fourth century.
Stories suggest he was the only child of a wealthy family, was orphaned as a young boy, grew up in a monastery, and at age 17 became a priest. He was kind and generous to poor families, widows and especially children and orphans.
Legends say that, wishing to aid people anonymously, Nicholas would drop bags of gold down the chimneys of the homes of people in need, or throw gold coins through windows where they landed in stockings hanging by the fireplace to dry.
Stories of his generosity soon encouraged other people also to give gifts at this time of year. In France, he was known as Pere Noel: in England, Father Christmas. The Dutch immigrants in New York brought their tradition of Sinter Klass to the United States, where he later became known as Santa Claus.
He is Patron Saint of children, prisoners and sailors in peril; also, of many communities inc. Sicily, Greece and Russia. Tradition holds him strong in Faith and generous in charitable actions.
Cór Naomh Mhuire
Congratulations to Cór Naomh Mhuire for their outstanding performance in the Ecumenical Carol Service in St. James’ Church last Sunday evening.
Maisiú don Nollaig
An bhuaile í gléasta le gaineamh na trá,
Boladh na feamnaí san oíche le sioc.
Fallaí nua aolta mórthimpeall an tí.
An clós ‘s an pháile greanta faoi sproic.
Na sliogáin ag gliosarnaigh fé sholais na naoimh,
Faoistin a éisteacht an tráthnona roimh ré,
Sceitimíní ar leanaí – iad chun suain roimh a naoi,
Coinnle ag rince ag fáiltiú roimh Mac Dé.
Amárach do bhreithla,
Lá Breithe Shona Dhuit a Chríost.
(Muiris Ó Fiannachta, Baile an Chóta)
Sr. Louise Landers, Daughter of Charity, would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all in the Parish, love and Prayers always. Nollaig maith agaibh go léir agus beidh mé ag rá páidir agaibh go léir.
May Jesus shower on each of you many graces.
Nollaig Shona dhíbh go léir agus Fáilte abhaile to all who have returned home for Christmas.
Nollaig Shona Dhíbh; Feliz Navidad; Buon Natale; Wesołych Świąt; Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus.
Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo arís.
Parish Envelope Scheme and Calendar 2013
Féilire Eaglasta 2013 and a boxes of envelopes have now been distributed for your weekly offertory contribution. Also included is an envelope for your Christmas Dues contribution.
The offertory collection funds all running costs and maintenance in our Parish, including insurance, staffing and Diocesan Levy.
Tax can also be claimed back by the Parish for each PAYE taxpayer who contributes over €250 per year. We invite every household to participate in this scheme and invite new parishioners to register by contacting the Parish Office on 9151208.
A full account of both income and expenditure will be published in the New Year. We thank all our collectors, committee members, counting teams and teangmhálaithe / contact people who serve tirelessly in this essential Parish work.
Spare envelopes for Christmas Dues which help make up the Parish Priest’s salary will be available at the back of the three Parish Churches.
Spare 2013 calendars will also be available at the back of the Church for visitors or should you wish to send one to family members living elsewhere.
Go méadaí Dia bhúr stór.
Section A – Creation and Fall
1. Our first symbols tell us the story of creation. The Book of Genesis tells us that God created the heavens and the earth, and that He saw it was good.
2. Adam and Eve, our first parents, were tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit.
3. The apple reminds us of their sin.
Section B – The Patriarchs
1. Before the Flood, God calls Noah to save his family and all the animals. So, he builds the ark. The rainbow is the sign of God’s faithfulness.
2. Abraham was the father of Isaac. God tests Abraham who is prepared to give up his only son in obedience to God. The altar, wood and fire recall Abraham’s obedience.
3. In his dream Jacob saw a ladder showing the link between God and ourselves.
Section C – The Law and the Prophets
1. Moses is the abandoned baby in the basket who was chosen to lead God’s people from slavery into the promised land. Although he himself murdered an Egyptian, he obeys God and is chosen to bring us the 10 Commandments.
2. The prophets had a special vocation or calling to prepare the way of the Lord. By sounding the ram’s horn like a trumpet they called the people together to listen to God’s word written on the scroll.
3. David, the son of Jesse, was a shepherd who was called by God to be King. David went against God by sinning seriously, but repented and wrote many of the psalms showing his sorrow and love for God. The harp tells us of his music, and the crown and star show him as king.
Section D – The House of David
1. John the Baptist is the last of the great prophets. His mission was to prepare the way for Jesus by calling people to give up their sins. The shell reminds us that he baptised Jesus.
2. Joseph was born of the House of David. He was the carpenter of Nazareth and an upright man.
3. Mary was engaged to Joseph. The Manger and stars symbolise her holiness and her mission to be the Mother of Emmanuel, he who is to come.

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