Fógraí / Newsletter June 30th 2013

Bliain an Chreidimh
An Tríú Domh Déag Saor – 30ú Meitheamh 2013
Pray for Mary Byrne, (nee Keating), Kilenora, Bennekerry, Carlow. Solas síoraí dá h- anam.
Priest on Call for the Corca Dhuibhne Pastoral Area is: Fr. Michael Hussey: 066-7139145.
Sat/Sath 29ú 8.00pm John and Pat O’Sullivan, England, CB.
Sun 30ú 11.30am Missa Pro Populo.
Máirt 2ú 10.00am Bonnie Shanahan, Omaha, Nebrasaka, RIP.
Wed 3ú 7.30pm John O’Connor, Marian Park, CB.
Déard 4ú 10.00am Marie Feehan, CB.
Fri 5ú 10.00am Hannah ‘Bob’ Griffin, CB, Strand Street, her husband Paddy, son Patsy and daughter Martha.
7.30pm (1) Tom Fitzgerald, Dingle Heights, MM.
Sat/Sath 6ú 8.00pm John and Hannah Fenton, CB.
Domh 7ú 11.30am Missa Pro Populo.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Dingle Hospital Oratory: Monday 10.30am – 11.30am.
St Mary’s: Tues and Wed 10.30am – 10pm.
Thurs 10.30 – 11.30am except when it is a First Friday,
it will be on that Friday. “Come and See” says the Lord.
Confessions: Sat. 10.30am – 11.00am & after Vigil Masses.
Domh/Sun 30ú 10.00am Mary and Greg Curran, Minard East, CB.
Domh/Sun 7ú 10.00am Johnny and Hannie Galvin, Doonties and Tom and Kitty Galvin, London, CB.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Déardaoin / Thursday 11 am – 12 noon
Satharn 22ú 6.15i.n.
Satharn 29ú 6.15i.n.
Adhradh na Naomh Shacraiminte
Déardaoin / Thursday 11 r.n. – 12i.n.
An Deireadh Seachtaine seo chugainn:
(6ú/7ú Iúil 2013)
DINGLE: Euch. Ministers’ Team 3: Vigil Joan Uí Mhoráin, Betty Hand, Marie Moriarty, Bernie Bowler, Gobnait Uí Chonchúir, Mary Diony O’Connor. 11:30am Kitty O’Flaherty and Clár Uí Loingsigh. Collectors’ Team 3; Church Cleaners’ Team 3. Readers: Vigil: Noel O’Neill. 11.30a.m.: Séamus Ó Ceilleacháir.
LIOS PÓIL: Ministéirí Eoc.: Máiréad Uí Chathasaigh agus Yvonne Ní Mhainín. Léitheoir: Donnacha Ó Súilleabháin. FIONN TRÁ: Ministéir Eoc.: Breandán Ó Ciobháin. Léitheoir: Scoláirí Samhraidh.
Offertory Collection
Weekly Env.: €885; Cash: €1,075; Total: €1,960.
Diocesan Collection for the Sick and Retired Priests of the Diocese will be taken up next weekend 6th/7th of July as a 2nd collection after Communion. The Blue envelope in your box of envelopes is for this collection. Extra envelopes available at the back of the Church or any envelope will suffice.
The First Friday Calls by Fr. Tomás to the Dingle area on Friday next. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist will visit the homes in Ceann Trá and Lios Póil. Parishioners who wish to be included, please contact 066-9151208.
Course in Pastoral Ministry 2013 – 2014
The Diocese of Kerry will run a certified training programme for people involved in Parish Pastoral Councils, Parish Liturgy Groups, Parish Finance Committees, Safeguarding Children Committees and other parish committees. For further information, contact: Frances Rowland @ 064 6632644, or email: francesrowland@dioceseofkerry.ie or check out www.dioceseofkerry.ie / or Parish Office 066-9151208
Knock Marriage Introductions has been operating since 1968 as a means of helping people find suitable marriage partners. Last year it had eleven marriages bringing to a total of 911 since its foundation. We have applications from every county in Ireland and some from abroad. For further information phone 0949375960 Tuesday and Thursday 9-5pm or visit our website knockmarriageintroductions.com
Diocesan Collection for the Sick and Retired Priests
The Annual Diocesan Collection for the sick and retired priests of the Diocese of Kerry will be taken up next week-end July 6th/7th as a second collection after Communion. This fund provides for the maintenance of 25 priests of the Diocese who are now retired after many years of ministry or who became ill during their ministry. Your generous support of this collection is most appreciated by Bishop Murphy and the priests of the Diocese. Envelopes (Blue) for this collection are in your box of Envelopes and spare envelopes are available at the back of the Church. Please take one and return it next weekend.
Sincere thanks to all who contribute to this collection by standing order. Your generous support is very much appreciated. If you wish to contribute by Standing Order, please contact your Parish Priest.
Rise up for Life – All-Ireland Rally for Life will take place on Saturday July 6th at 2pm in Parnell Square, Dublin.
Dramatisation of Mark’s Gospel – Wed. & Thurs. 8.00pm in The Convent Hall, Lixnaw, performed by Mike O’Mahony. Book: 087-9467755 /087-1604628. Tickets €10.
National Charismatic Renewal Conference 2013 will be held June 29th – 30th in the Citywest Hotel, Dublin. Enquiries 021-4251100; email: bridgetdunne@eircom.net
Dingle Indoor Monthly Market: 6th July, 11 am – 4 pm at An Diseart. Second-hand goods, bric-a-brac, crafts, baking and more.
Earth Week – will take place October 4th to 13th. In celebrating Earth Week 2013 we invite you to reflect on the importance of Water. We invite schools and families to reflect how this precious gift is used.
Dingle GAA is planning to inaugurate a Club scheme to provide transport facilities to local Senior Citizens who are life long supporters of the Club. Based on the very successful similar South Kerry programme the Club Executive of C.L.G. Daingean Uí Chúis invites such supporters or their families to contact Club Rúnaí Breandán Mac Gearailt 087-6039758 or John Diony O’Connor 087-2418907 with a view to setting up a suitable transport scheme to both home and away games. Beir Bua is Beannacht.
Bliain an Chreidimh – Our Patron Saints Laochra an Chreidimh No.48.
St. Emma – According to legends Emma was a young girl in Germany towards the end of the 10th century. She lived at the court of Emperor Henry II and his wife, Cunegund, both of whom were later canonized as saints. Cunegund was childless and trained Emma, along with several other gifts, then gave her in an arranged marriage to William of Friesach, a wealthy count.
The couple were blessed with two sons. When the children were grown, William placed a few of the mines he owned under their direction. But the young men encountered problems with some miners who were unhappy with their working conditions. Tensions mounted and the counts ordered that a miner be hanged for immoral behaviour. The other miners rebelled and murdered both of Emma’s sons.
At first Emma withdrew and William threatened to execute the rebels and their families. Then the couple turned to prayer and William pardoned everyone but the leaders. Afterwards, he made a pilgrimage to Rome, leaving Emma in Friesach. As he was returning, William became ill and died just before he reached home. It was then that Emma made a decision that transformed her life forever.
Emma dedicated herself to serving God. She gave her money to the poor and founded several churches and monasteries, one of them a double monastery near her castle in the Austrian town of Gurk. There the monks and nuns could be heard singing the Divine Office day and night without interruption. When Emma died in 1045, she was buried there. She was beatified by the Church in 1938, but she is commonly called a saint by many for her good works and foundations.
I picked Emma as my saint because she helped the poor and I also like the name.
Lord, It is difficult to lose someone we love,
The parent who nurtured and loved us,
The spouse who shared in our joys and sorrows,
The child who brightened our hopes for the future.
Help us endure this dark night of suffering,
And let us recall our joy in the promise
That Christ’s death and resurrection
Will join us again in eternal life. Amen
(Kate – Scoil Eoin Baiste)
Mass Rock at Coumduff
The Corca Dhuibhne Pastoral Area Mass in Coumduff, Annascaul will take place on Friday July 26th at 7:30pm. All parishioners are invited to pass on the word about this Year of Faith gathering. Please notify family and friends who may be holidaying at this time as they might take the opportunity to join with us in pilgrim prayer at a revered holy place in our West Kerry landscape.
Lough Derg – Living with Suicide, one day workshop, for adults who have been affected by suicide, will be held on Wednesday Sept 25th. Info. 071-9861518, email info@loughderg.org
Martyr St. Oliver Plunkett – July 1st
God our Father, you filled St. Oliver with your Spirit of fortitude, enabling him to feed your flock with his word and lay down his life for his sheep. Help us by his prayers to keep the Faith he taught, and to follow the way of reconciliation, which he showed by his example. Grant this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Ordination of Bishop Elect Fr Ray Browne: Parishioners wishing to attend the ordination on Sunday 21st July, please hand in your name and address to the Parish office where a draw will take place for tickets to attend ordination.
Dr. Liam Ó Murchú
On the 21st July Fr Ray Browne will be ordained Bishop of Kerry and as we prepare for the ordination we would like to acknowledge and thank Bishop Bill Murphy for his 18 years as bishop. For more details of Bishop Liam’s life and ministry go to dioceseofkerry.ie and check the news on the home page. Radio Kerry’s “Horizons” will focus on Bishop Bill Murphy next Sun 7th July at 9am.
Pattern / Open Air Cemetery Masses 2013
8.00p.m. Dé Máirt 2ú Iúil – Reilig na hEaglaise.
8.00p.m. Dé Máirt 9ú Iúil – Reilig Chaitlíona.
8.00p.m. Dé Máirt 16ú Iúil – Reilig Milltown.
8.00p.m. Dé Máirt 23ú Iúil – Reilig Killdrum.
8.00p.m. Dé Máirt 30ú Iúil – Reilig Cinn Aird.
8.00p.m. Dé Máirt 6ú Lúnasa – Reilig Garfinney.
8.00p.m. Dé Máirt 13ú Lúnasa – Reilig Ráithín a’ Thuaidh.
7.30p.m. Déardaoin 29ú Lúnasa – Patrún na Mináirde, Tobar Eoin Baiste.
11.00a.m. Dé Sath 28ú Meán Fómh. – Tobar Mhichíl.
11.30a.m. Dé Luain 25ú Samhain – Lá Chaitlíona.
Please notify former Parishioners now resident outside our Parish who may wish to participate.
“Glór na nUaighe” – Reilig na hEaglaise, Lios Póil
Maltese crosses / crosses of arcs
Maltese crosses and the closely related crosses of arcs are often regarded as a characteristic form of Corca Dhuibhne cross motifs. The arms of a Maltese cross are straight, there are over 25 Maltese crosses / cross of arcs on record from Corca Dhuibhne and they occur on various types of monument, including ogham stones, cross-slabs, pillars, a sundial, the lintel of a church doorway, and even a prehistoric standing stone. Two examples occur on Kerry Local Authority, in Cill Maoilchéadair and An Eaglais, and both are crosses of arcs.
The cross of arcs from An Eaglais occurs on an ogham stone. It is encircled, beneath which there is a vertical linear groove surmounted by a triangle and flanked on either side by a small swastika motif. The inscription occurs on the same face and is inverted with respect to the cross, and it is difficult to decide which is the primary element. It seems unlikely that the cross could be earlier than the seventh century, and it may be eighth or ninth century. The presence of the swastika motifs, nonetheless, indicates a likelihood that the cross carving dates to the seventh century. The swastika as a Christian motif is know from fourth to sixth century Mediterranean contexts.
The stone from An Eaglais shares with several other Corca Dhuibhne cross-inscribed slabs, the occurrence of a vertical stem or shaft directly beneath the cross. It is generally accepted that the overall form of such arrangements, frequently that of a disc surmounting a stem, is derived from that of the flabellum. Flabella were liturgical fans of the Eastern Church, in which they were used from at least as early as the fifth century. (P. 115)
(Further details in “The Unquiet Grave” – The Development of Kerry’s Burial Grounds Through The Ages. Edited by Michael Connolly 2012. Kerry County Council.)

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